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Managed IT Services in Denver

When working with an IT service provider, it is important to ensure you have are working with a provider that understands your business. One question to ask yourself is who are among the top managed service providers in your area? On Call Technical Solutions provides quality service you can trust and can serve you regardless of the stage your business is at. From optimizing your tools and processes to handling your day-to-day challenges, On Call Technical Solutions is more than an IT managed services provider: we are a trusted technology partner.


The type of service you will need depends where you are with your business. Professional services are designed for one-off projects that are specific and have an end date. One example is if you would like to move your business resources to the cloud. Once the project is executed and your staff knows how to use the resources in the cloud, the project is complete and professional services are no longer required.


Another type of service is considered fully managed. This is something you would use if you require long-term assistance managing your technical resources. You do not have a specific project in mind, but you want an IT firm available to handle technical questions and problems. The benefits of managed IT services are plentiful. You get more comprehensive services, the team is on call whenever you need them, and they can help with analysis, strategy, planning, and execution. Our comprehensive process ensures we understand your business needs and meet your expectations in a service provider.
Evaluation Process
We will assess your current environment to see what is working and what can be improved to save you time, money and create the growth your business deserves. Together, we will identify inefficiencies, anticipate security and compliance needs, and then determine which services will meet your overall daily operational business goals.
We will create a recurring custom made strategic plan, complete with quarterly objectives, to re-mediate any identified inefficiencies or security and compliance gaps discovered during analysis. This will allow your business to appropriately budget and plan for the needs of tomorrow, as well as to achieve much needed technical alignment for your growing business needs.
We understand that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We will create a tailored project plan for any technical strategy objectives, giving you a clear understanding of where you stand with your goals. Need a disaster recovery plan? What about backup solutions, monitoring, a cloud service provider, cyber security, anti-virus, and firewalls? Will you need to implement and manage an on-premise data center? We will customize your plan depending on your industry, business needs, and budget.
You have a million things to do. Why waste time worrying about whether you are protected, up to date on industry compliance needs or maintaining systems and software? Hand your tech to us so you can free up your resources to focus on what you do best. Rest easy with our managed services knowing that your business will be consistently aligned, keeping up with the most important technical enhancements critical to business growth. Our IT project managers deliver premier service staying on top of deliverables and timelines, so you don’t have to.
Our IT service experts will help keep you on track, responding to all basic service and emergency requests according to the agreed upon service level requirements of your business. We will keep track of your technical equipment and alert you when maintenance is needed or when your equipment needs attention. We will conduct a quarterly review to ensure that your business continues to stay aligned with your objectives so that you can be the best competitor in your target market.

Your Reliable Denver IT Consultant

Hiring an IT consultant can be daunting. How do IT consulting firms work? Do you need one? Generally, these firms work with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them solve a variety of IT problems. This can include assistance with basic network analytics or managed IT solutions.


Contracting with a managed IT consulting firm proves highly beneficial for businesses. These firms have the expertise needed to solve your most complex technical problems in a fraction of the time saving your business time and money. Our consultants are experts with the technology solutions your business needs to operate efficiently and effectively. They will help implement new processes and manage the hardware and software necessary to run them. Forget about hiring an expensive in-house team. On Call Technical Solutions has everything you need to get your business on the right track.
Consult with a PRO

IT Project Management in Denver

When it comes to technical project management (PM), many businesses assume in-house staff will be able to manage it. You believe that your employees will do what is right, but what happens when they do not have the expertise necessary to execute a job well done? Key technical project management skills are essential and when your team doesn’t have them, you can count on our pro’s to guide you through every step. We can help with new initiatives, compliance remediation, quick scaling or if you are just getting started.


You’ will be hard-pressed to find the ultimate guide to technical project management with a quick internet search. Sure, you could find a few helpful tidbits of information here and there, but you are likely to need much more than that. With our pro’s on your side, everything will run smoothly and everyone will know what to do. If you need help with your IT needs, project management, or want to talk to a consultant, now is the time. Contact us today!


Managing a technical project requires understanding the many inputs necessary to create a well-defined project scope that will meet the needs of the business. Our pros are experts in project management and will create a project scope that meet your needs and can be realistically achieved according to your budget.


Once project inputs are gathered, a task timeline is necessary to determine the project time needed to complete the project successfully. Our pros have handled a variety of technical projects and understand the different tasks and task dependencies needed complete your project on time and within budget.


Technical project execution requires knowledge in various fields of expertise. The ever-changing expansive nature of tech make it expensive to find and employ the resources needed to implement new projects. Our dedicated team of pros have the technical acumen you need to implement successfully.

Trusted Technology Solutions

Leave your tech challenges to us and get back to doing what only you can do.

Technical Consulting

Industry Best Practices, Infrastructure Optimization, Strategic Scaling, Virtual Technology Officer

Technology Planning

Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Quarterly Alignment Reviews, BI Reporting

Managed Services

Backup, BCDR, Security, Scaling, Asset & Licensing Procurement, Support & Management

Infrastructure Services

Cloud, On-Prem/DC, Virtualization, POS, Monitoring, Mobile, Apps, New/Move/Add/Upgrade


Firewalls, Pen Testing, AV, Anti-Malware/Spyware, Patching, SPAM, Industry Policy & SOP Compliance

Project Management

Startups, New Initiatives, Scaling Infrastructure, Compliance Remediation

New SMB's

Network, Infrastructure, Hardware/Software Procurement, E-mail, VOIP, Websites, Digital Marketing

Support & Training

Responsive Remote & Onsite, Recorded Tutorials, Hablamos Español

Tech that works for you, not against you.

Offload your tech to an IT managed services company that puts your success first. Whether you are a startup looking for a reliable tech partner or a growing SMB in need of custom solutions and strategies, we are here to help. Let us relieve the hassle of hiring and maintaining costly resources so that you can free up capital to focus on what drives your business.
At On Call, expect hassle-free communications. Reach our bi-lingual service desk anywhere by chat, e-mail or phone to find out how we add value and why we should be your Denver managed IT service provider.